WHOIS Murphola

It’s a bit odd writing an About page when pretty much everybody who would actually see it — all six of you! — already knows me.

Professionally, I’m a “digital/consumer/mobile/data guy” who is actually enjoying the process of searching for his next adventure after a 17-1/2 year career at AOL that had just about everything (soaring highs, dispiriting lows, a cherished resurrection), including being part of the largest and, uh, worst corporate merger of all time.

Personally…well, this blog will hopefully shed more light on that.  For now I’ll include the slightly-edited conclusion of a bio that appears on the healthcare startup I’m advising.

Brian holds a BA from Yale and resides in the DC metro area with his wife Kristin and twin children. In his spare time he enjoys travel, reading voraciously, Arsenal FC, Florida Gators football, music discovery and amateur mixology.

So, yeah.  I’m also starting to tweet a bit (@murphola, natch) and most of you will already know how to reach me by e-mail or mobile.

With that, I bid you Good. Day.

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