Mobile research & news resources

In my previous job at AOL (where I was the business lead for their mobile product development group) I closely monitored the mobile ecosystem and market developments.

Back then I posted notable news to an internal mailing list.  With that forum no longer available, I thought I’d offer up a list of some of the sources I relied upon most frequently.

* Her Majesty Mary Meeker — a picture of Mary could accompany ‘doyenne’ in the dictionary, such is her influence.  The Internets are always abuzz when she posts new research.

* Business Insider Intelligence (subscription required) — their standard tech news coverage, while solid, can veer toward the tabloid; but I consider their premium research around the Mobile space among the best available (by which I mean frequent, comprehensive, accessible and occasionally insightful).

* comScore Insights — to a free user, Nielsen shares a fraction more on multi-screen usage, but comScore remains the lingua franca for digital in the US, produces monthly market share updates & site rankings, and occasional white papers that I always found worthwhile to read.

* eMarketer (subscription required) — a terrific aggregator of a lot of other published research data, particularly around market forecasts, to which I wish I still had access  :-)   Their Mobile topic was especially strong for Advertising.

* Flurry blog — the leading mobile app measurement company can offer especially trenchant insight on their blog.  I’ll also give a quick shout-out to Quantcast for (less frequently) doing likewise for mobile web.

Pew Internet – a surprisingly fecund source for info on how people (OK, Americans) are actually using their devices.

* Distimo — I always at least skimmed these monthly reports on the top smartphone apps (cut a number of different ways), even if the methodology was murky. Their efforts to ‘productize’ have made them less straightforward, but I’m still reading them.

Google’s Mobile Playbook — while all of the major online media companies touch on mobile in their market-facing research, this publication by Jason Spero is throughly researched, well-executed and especially impressive.

* I do feel honor-bound to include a few notable publications from AOL: AOL Big Mobile [cross-screen usage among various key demos],  Seven Shades of Mobile [counterintuitive insights into mobile phone behaviors], and Tablets of Change [Engadget study].

GigaOm Pro – as someone focused on the consumer space, I found their Mobile coverage to be less relevant than BII’s.  Their quarterly news recaps (with accompanying analysis), however, are good for anyone trying to keep tabs on the major developments over a longer timeframe.

News / Blogs / Analysts

* Benedict Evans — I’ve become a fan of the weekly e-mail newsletter sent by this London-based Mobile consultant.  They offer a very useful roundup of major events and links to his thoughtful blog.

Chetan Sharma – no list would be complete without mentioning one of the most durable analysts/consultants in wireless telecom.
mobiThinking (stats)

* Obligatory inclusion of the major tech news sites (links go to mobile category where applicable):

Re/code (the new Kara Swisher/Walt Mossberg site, for the uninitiated)

GigaOm  (highly respected blog which includes PaidContent, a site that formerly offered industry-leading Mobile coverage before becoming acquired),

BusinessInsider (aforementioned)

TechCrunch, The Verge (mobile link but certain posts not always tagged, e.g. Apple), Mashable.

* Industry newsletters/digests — I tend to sign-up for daily digests that I can scan for news:

Smartbrief (check out the MMA, MMA for Apps, CTIA and CES editions)

Fierce media (try Wireless or MobileIT, which includes content)

Netted by Webbys (less news than app promotion, but a well-curated source for cool new apps)