Here I am and here goes nothing…

OK, so here I am and here goes nothing.  As I publish these words I — someone who isn’t really comfortable shouting into the infinite void — am unsure of what this blog will say.  Or how much truth it will tell.

I’m not even sure how much of this blog will be personal, which is clearly where I’m starting, versus professional, which is probably what it ought to be since the public record of my 17.5 year AOL career amounts to practically nothing and as of this writing I’m on the job market.  I suppose there’s always Twitter and LinkedIn for that stuff.

(Perhaps a future post will explore the strange way our share-everything-but-really-only-the-good-stuff social culture has even created the optimistic “Jobseeker” profession for someone who is simply looking for work.)

Technically, this isn’t my first website. In setting up this blog I was reminded of a page I was asked to create shortly after I started working at AOL in 1995.  The title of that page was “Murphola’s Terrifying Foray Into Digital Immortality,” and while the page has long since disappeared, a lost fossil in a substrata of Internet schist, the adverb in the title still feels uncomfortably apt.

And yet I’m back, not quite ready to admit defeat, forced into the task by my decision to include this URL in our holiday card.  The next post will list my favorite songs of 2013, even though I spent plenty of time listening to plenty of older things like Beethoven’s immortal symphonies, the flawless “Complete” by The Smiths, and even Sasha’s 2005 Essential Mix at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios…  But I’m told you gotta give the people something new!

So here I am (again) and here goes nothing.

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