2013 Favorite Tracks (Sui Generis extended), other Best-ofs


Here is extra commentary on the two songs I included that didn’t fit into my three pre-defined categories, followed by some links to other 2013 best-of lists that will show me what I missed.

Summary post

Spotify playlist  |  Rdio playlist

Sui Generis Award (Beyond Categorization)
1. Son Lux — Lost it to Trying
If Philip Glass and Ladytron had an electropop love child it might sound like this. Brilliant.

2. Jez Dior — Move On
Jez Dior is one to watch, with music reminiscent of Kid Cudi or Girl Talk’s very high production values (though not nearly as sample-based).
On this track Lana del Ray sample meets Dubstep meets (explicit) hip-hop on a surging, annihilating track. Put on headphones, maximize volume, play, repeat.
The Spotify playlist includes their track Love Me To Death instead — a quality track along the same lines — and Candles is another.

Jez Dior

Other 2013 Best-of Lists

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Hype Machine “Zeitgeist”

Pitchfork Top 50 Albums of 2013  (there is a different section for their Top 100 tracks)

Slacker Radio Top 50 Alt/Indie of the Year

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